Breaking bad 1x01 legendado

We pan over to reveal what appears to be a bobber in a pool of water. The bobber is then sucked into the drain of the pool as we go under the water to find a floating pink teddy bear. As the face of bear slowly turns to face us, we see that half of its body is burned, and what we thought was a bobber was actually the doll's left eye.

Right where we left off last season, after buying meth from Walter White and Jesse Pinkman at an auto junkyard, Tuco Salamanca violently attacks his henchman, No-Dozefor presuming to speak for him. Afterwards, he drives away, leaving Walt and Jesse to ponder the danger of their situation. Moments later, Tuco roars back to the junkyard, ordering Walt to perform CPR on an unconscious No-Doze — who dies as a result of the brutal attack. However they are too late to save No-Doze. Tuco's other henchman, Gonzosays they should give his buddy a proper burial, but Tuco orders him to stash the body underneath a stack of old cars.

Walt and Jesse begin to leave, but Tuco questions them, to which Walt says they thought they were done. Tuco tells them coldly they are done, and the two begin to leave, but Jesse is grabbed by the neck and shoved to the ground. Tuco stares intently at the two as they depart. Walt returns home where his very pregnant wife is applying an avocado mask. He sobs briefly before standing behind her and forcing himself on her, even after she asks him to slow down.

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Only when she screams, "Stop it! Walt rests in the backyard, overlooking the pool. Skyler follows and says she understand his situation but he cannot take his anger out on her.

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As the two talk, Walt Jr. Jesse purchases a gun at the Dog House and tells Walt that he thinks Tuco is stalking him and plans to kill them for witnessing the murder. Jesse argues that they are both loose ends they should kill Tuco before he kills them.

Walt makes Jesse walk through how he would shoot Tuco and his crew. Finally Walt questions if Jesse will have it in him.

breaking bad 1x01 legendado

Jesse points out that Walt did, to which Walt grimly replies, "Yeah. Marie Schrader calls Skyler with a dinner invitation, but Skyler doesn't answer the phone. Hank Schrader reminds Marie that she has a therapy appointment at the same time she was planning to eat out. Hank Schrader proceeds to walk towards the kid, who is now sadly gazing at his broken toy, and apologizes while taking out his wallet.

Steven Gomez shows Hank grainy surveillance footage of a recent break-in at a chemical warehouse.Walt asks for help from Badger to break into an old woman's house and get his vacuum cleaner back. See our picks. Title: Breaking Bad: Original Minisodes — An extensive, detailed account on the incredible legacy Breaking Bad created before it had even ended, whilst documenting in intimate detail the filming of its final season.

A series of short training videos done by Mike Ehrmantraut for Madrigal Electromotive employees. A Colombian remake of the U. TV show Breaking Bad. After doing something charitable, Seth Rogen decides it's okay to become the worst person in the world. Ray the main character works together with Jesse cooking and dealing Crystal Meth. Then, one deal went terribly wrong.

A high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer turns to manufacturing and selling methamphetamine in order to secure his family's future.

A side series that focuses on the other scenarios revolving on Walter White or those who are connected with Walter White. Sign In.

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User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Episode Guide. Creator: Vince Gilligan. Added to Watchlist. Top-Rated Episodes S2. Error: please try again.Series synopsis Walt and Jesse realize how dire their situation is. They must come up with a plan to kill Tuco before Tuco kills them first.

If you have no protection, you can get fined for downloading torrentsbecause ISPs can track you. Your IP is: For torrenting we recommend to use VPN and stay anonymous! My goodness. Look how far we have come.

breaking bad 1x01 legendado

We began watching this series with a fairly easy, though tough to think, assumption. A teacher wanted additional cash to depart for his family in case of his passing. Of course it seems absurd composed like this, but the origin of Breaking Poor 's power is not its precision, it has its precision based in its own dream; in the close of the day, it is still a TV series.

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Walt had put out with a target and attained part of it from the end of this first year, but from the last scene, we had been awarded that glance of only the problem Walt and Jesse had only put themselves a glimpse of what was later on. It was a flavor of what the show was about, by the character growth into the volatile scenes into using science in everyday life into this tortuous limbo Walt had placed his loved ones.

Season two proved to be a gorgeous thing, possibly among the greatest seasons in tv history. Though we knew the series because of the explosiveness, its capacity to fool us to build on personalities, it enhanced its own dirt, providing richer loams by which to develop.

Jesse has always been a great personality in the heart. Undoubtedly that Season 2 was tough. He transferred out of a wannabe tough man to a kingpin poser into a heroin junkie. He crashed through a port-a-potty whilst dividing in an impoundment lot he could get somewhere to sleep at evening.

He also lost the only woman he has ever loved. We also discovered how far Walt cares for himthough, and there is reason to think he will be back on his feet in Season 3. Maybe he will attain salvation until the series is finished. Skylermeanwhile revealed she is just as smart and powerful as she seemed to be one. Hank was crass, but loveable, also revealed his inside is not as hard as his outside.

The remainder of the cast has turned out to be well-rounded characters, capable of good and poor, everybody with their 2 sides, but every with their own line drawn from the sand.

Walt's top this chimerical way of life and it destroys him indoors. Even though it feels like it is heading towards Walt's ultimate corruption, Walt would continue to walk that fine line.

And may I add, the show has done a fantastic job of not mistreating Walt's science acumen to get him out of tough circumstances. The occasional use of chemistry was rare enough not to justify a"How can they get from the scenario with chemistry now" weekly guessing game.Forgot your password? Don't have an account?

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A high school chemistry teacher is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and resorts to selling methamphetamine to provide for his family when he is dead. Walt and Jesse try to decide what to do with the body of Emilio and their prisoner, Krazy 8. Walt tells the rest of his family about his cancer. Jesse tries to make amends with his own parents. Walt rejects everyone who tries to help him with the cancer.

Jesse tries his best to create Walt's meth, with the help of an old friend.Granite State. To' hajiilee. Rabid Dog. Blood Money. Gliding Over All. Say My Name. Dead Freight. Hazard Pay. Live Free or Die. Face Off. End Times. Crawl Space. Problem Dog. Bullet Points. Open House.

breaking bad 1x01 legendado

Thirty-Eight Snub. Box Cutter. Full Measure. Half Measures. I See You. One minute. Green Light. Caballo sin nombre. Better Call Saul. Negro y azul.

Bit by a Dead Bee. Seven Thirty-Seven.For a fuller explanation of this project, read on. We're no longer slaves to the weekly TV schedule—and neither are the creators. Increasingly, television showrunners are taking advantage of the unique possibilities of this changing art form, and truly "episodic" television shows now seem like quaint relics of a bygone era.

Individual episodes of these shows, in fact, often seem slight or unsatisfying when consumed in single, weekly doses: it is only when we see how they fit into the season or series as a whole that the real impact is felt. Binge-watching is the wave of the future. There's an argument to be made, in fact, that people like me who watch and review TV shows on a weekly basis are doing it wrong.

David Simon—creator of The Wire— is one of the people who has made that argument. Simon came under fire in for appearing to suggest that people weren't watching and appreciating his show in the right way. Clarifying his thoughts in interview with Alan SepinwallSimon quite rightly pointed out that "there's a fundamental disconnect with what certain types of long-form television are now trying to build and the way in which they're consumed by the audience.

No one would read three chapters of a novel and go, 'What so and so's trying to say here. Is television prose? No, but you can't tell me there isn't some correlation between the way certain television shows now are being structured and the way multi-POV novels are being structured.

Which leads us, finally, to this new series I'm calling Binge Watch.

Breaking Bad

What I want to do is chronicle the experience of watching and reacting to a show that way, instead of in isolated, discrete units separated by weekly breaks and summer hiatuses. But I think this is a small step towards recognizing the way television, and our experience of television, has changed.

I'm not going to attempt to analyze each individual episode, but to consume large chunks of a series all at once, and try to jot down a few thoughts and reactions along the way. I have no idea what the result of this will be, or whether it will be worth reading, but that's the point: it's an experiment. And I was forced to admit, with my proverbial head shamefully bowed, that, in fact, I had never even seen Breaking Bad.

Mea culpa. What can I say? I just wasn't really interested. So now that day has come, with the whole series available to me to gorge myself upon.

I haven't read any reviews or recaps over the years, and I've tried to avoid accidental exposure to plot points. If we can keep it that way in the comments section, I'd be ever so grateful. First impression? Faustian bargains? Methamphetamines as Mephistopheles? Chemistry teacher Walter White's life is a series of small humiliations: his wealthy, wise-assed students make fun of him for having to have a second job at a car wash; his pregnant wife Skyler Anna Gunn gives him a pity handjob while checking the progress of her Ebay auctions; his tough-guy, DEA-agent brother-in-law Hank Dean Norris treats him like an egghead and jokingly impugns his masculinity.

The chief pleasures of all of this are indeed to be found in Cranston's acting: the way he quickly registers and absorbs each small insult and indignity are a marvel. And then, of course, Walter White learns he has stage-three lung cancer, and everything changes.

Breaking Bad: Original Minisodes

It's funny, it's frenzied, and it's definitely intriguing, but it also threatens to turn cartoonish. My larger concern during the pilot—though it's also what I find potentially interesting—is the treatment of all of this as a fantasy of masculine empowerment.

If I'd watched just the pilot episode alone, that last line would have been an eyerolling deal-breaker. But it was the third episode, "And the Bag's in the River," that really started to hook me into Breaking Bad. Walt has lost the coin-toss to see which of the cousins he must deal with, and, as Jesse proclaims, "the coin-toss is sacred! I'm impressed with the way Gilligan largely refrains from outward discussion of the moral dilemma, and instead lets the debate play out on Cranston's face and in Walter's procrastination.Walter White races through busy Albuquerque streets, dodging traffic while shouting instructions to Saul Goodman on his cell phone.

Walt then calls Skyler and leaves a hurried message but trying not to sound desperate, telling her he loves her: evidently, Walt is heading into some kind of showdown and is aware he might not come out of it alive. He places his gun on the front passenger seat next to him in anticipation Armed with his. The manager says that Gus isn't there, but Walt doesn't believe her. He states that he's seen Gus's car parked outside so he'll wait until Gus is called out. While he waits, Mike Ehrmantraut calls him to ask what he's doing, then tells him that Jesse Pinkman will be with him for the day, and puts a blase Jesse on the phone when Walt insists on speaking to him.

Jesse confirms he's ok, does not have a gun pointed at him, but doesn't know where they're going. Mike then tells Walt that today he'll just have to handle the cook alone. Walt pushes his way into Gus' office only to be surprised that it's empty. Out in the desert, Mike drives up a long dirt road. Despite seeming not to care whether he lives or dies, Walt's worry has set Jesse on edge so he positions his keys between his fingers to use as a probable weapon. He watches nervously as Mike exits the car and grabs a shovel from the trunk.

Is this it? But Mike passes Jesse by and starts digging. After a few moments, Mike pulls a bag of money out of the ground and tosses it in the trunk. Mike tells Jesse that they have six more collections to make today and he wants to have it done before dark. At homeHank Schrader jokes with Tim about the oddball personality that Gale's notebook evokes: "it's like Scarface had sex with Mr.

Hank admits to having "a history" with Jesse referring to the savage beat-down he delivered last season but doubts that Jesse murdered Gale.

Finding Gale dead, the man he now believes is his Heisenberg, "feels like closure," so he no longer wants to contribute to the investigation. Mike makes his next pickup at an abandoned warehouse and finds Jesse standing guard when he returns to the car.


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